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Sustainable Finance = Sustainable Energy

R-square RiskLab Center of Excellence (RsRLCE) refers to a team, a shared facility that provides leadership, evangelization, best practices, research, support and training for a focus area(s) like Finance & Energy. The center of excellence is also aimed at revitalizing stalled initiatives. Within R-square RiskLab, a center of excellence refers to a group of people and a department. It is known as a competency center. The term refers to a network of institutions collaborating with each other to pursue excellence in a particular area(s), such as Finance & Energy. 

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Our thought process & the world ...


Energy is one of the most critical factors related to our economy, quality of life, security and the environment. Energy is a basic pillar of our civilization without which our lives ...

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RsRL Awards

DK Gupta Memorial Scientific Award 2012 goes to Ms. Diane Pierret, “best” PhD research paper on Systemic Risk for Energy Market (just to add that systemic risk in finance is ...

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RsRL Partners

Our core goal(s) is to stimulate new patterns of thought about evolution of systemic and regulatory risk relative to the Emerging Market and Global Economy. Through event and advisory we ...

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RsRL Papers & Tools

R-square RiskLab core product competence is in the area of asymmetry, particularly R-square ‘strategy’ across industries to coordinate the utilization of commercial and proprietary modelling products. RsRL assists in managing ...

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RsRL Workshops

(1) Energy Investment & Climate Change Risk, November 2014 in Abu Dhabi. (2) Quantitative ERM framework based workshop, February 2015 in Malaysia.  (3) 2nd World Risk Workshop 2015 in Luxembourg

Press Releases

Special Session on “Energy in Gulf Commonwealth Countries” -Chair: Chitro Majumdar, Chief Science Officer; R-square RiskLab PhD Award: There will be a “DK Gupta Memorial best PhD paper awards” sponsored by R-square RiskLab. 

Latest News

RsRL has participated and presented on Climate Change Risk at GPCA Sustainability Conference 2014 in Dubai


  • Well developed delivery note. For a deeper understanding of the dynamics behind evolution electricity markets in short-term. Thanks..

    GIANT STEEL MANUFACTURER (Storing Negatively-Price-Electricity: RsRL Analysis)
  • We take the opportunity to thank for successful completion of the final stage of the project and delivering the final documents. Your team effort is much appreciated.

    SOVEREIGN PENSION FUND (Solutions provided on investment risk mitigation strategies based on Asset Allocations.)

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