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ENERGYDAY2030 gallery

Energy is one of the most critical factors related to our economy, quality of life, security and the environment. Energy is a basic pillar of our civilization without which our lives would be crippled. Ensuring a sustainable provision of cost effective and environmentally friendly energy for the medium and long-term future is one of the major challenges which we face today. The direction of ED2030 is of course to be able to showcase the discussion & debate based on a strategic decisions one sovereign state or entity needs to achieve during it’s current and future events or consequences. ED2030 would definitely be compared with World Economic Forum (WEF), Davos in local format however it should have a clear direction to portrait solutions.

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RsRL Thought Leadership Team gallery

In this case, participants will hail from The US, Europe, Russia, Gulf states and India. In addition to the initial content, the unique value added element of this conference forum is that it is not just a “one –off” experience. Rather, R-square RiskLab will provide attendees initially with new ideas about risk management plus follow-up support and interaction throughout the year.

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RsRL Papers & Tools gallery

R-square RiskLab core product competence is in the area of asymmetry, particularly R-square ‘strategy’ across industries to coordinate the utilization of commercial and proprietary modelling products. RsRL assists in managing economic critical aspects with DFA (Economic Scenario Generation Model based) solutions for client’s portfolio. RsRL has already build it’s leadership on VaR++, Distance to Default, Jump-Diffusion, Stochastic Local Volatility, Tail-Risk, Hedging strategies, Liquidity risk, Interest Rate Risk, Stress Test and Quant strategies for multi-asset fund management.

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