Industries : Energy Finance & Commodities ]

R-square RiskLab deals with energy industries on investments and risk management point of view. Fluctuations of Oil & Gas price and volatility of energy markets, complex trading/hedging portfolios (long and short positions) has increased the need for measuring risk at several contexts such as individual contract level, portfolio of contracts level and obviously enterprise (ERM) to sovereign levels.

Understanding the market dynamics and determinants of volatility and risk (e.g. Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall) for energy commodities will therefore be most important for finance & energy sustainability. Global leaders at RsRL, who provide the thought leadership advisory services to mitigate energy risk across business lines.

R-square RiskLab is currently working with energy institutions and market players to produce and present an “ENERGYDAY2030” (which focuses beyond Energy Risk and Investment) in the Gulf & Middle East & Africa (MEA) region. The focus of this presentation is both the examination of risks and opportunities in and around the energy, investment, environment and finance sectors. This affair is a unique opportunity for all involved. RsRL believes that the thought provoking strategic discussion combined with participant interactions will leave all involved with lasting ideas and lasting impressions that will remain useful till 2030.