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R-square RiskLab Telecom practice cell can help Telecom companies to understand and deal with all of these issues, taking an aggressive and comprehensive mathematical approach to controlling both risks and client’s total investment risk exposure and it’s unforeseen costs or losses.

RsRL focuses on organizations that own or operate:

R-square RiskLab presents an understanding of the nature of risks and the requirements for managing them effectively in the context of Telecom business. RsRL delivers broad risk management services and options that provide creative solutions capable of meeting the evolving needs of the organizations we serve, regardless of the size, nature or scope of their operations.

• Enterprise Risk Management
• Future Loss Control Services
• Risk Transfer & Other Actuarial Analysis
• Safety & Security, Political Risk
• Financial Service Advisory (example: Financial Modeling, Valuation & M&A et al..)

Financial Advisory Services: RsRL’s specialized and dedicated team of mathematicians and corporate finance provides a full range of corporate finance services to our clients in the Telecom industry. They possess in-depth sector-specific knowledge and experience and consequently understand the challenges our clients face throughout all of the stages of their business growth cycle, and are committed to helping them to achieve their goals.

RsRL has relevant “Best Practice” experience on Churn Management.