About R-square RiskLab
R-square RiskLab’s thought leadership has marked across boundaries with cutting-edge research, scientific documents based practical white papers, research papers & reports and in the global business media. RsRL Center of Excellence studies and endorses all the initiatives RsRL develops with an obvious bridge of scientific and strategic excellence.
RsRL’s experts are truly dedicated to convert their intelligence, expertise & excellence with essential solutions that need to create an innovative in-house tool or system (with mutual Intellectual Property Right) or a customized product.

R-square RiskLab is an independent strategic body providing consulting and advisory services. It builds a consistent and result driven bridge between academia and world of practice. RsRL’s mission is to develop mathematical & strategic models and tools across industries. In principle RsRL’s target segments are sovereign financial institutions, SWFs, investment bodies, commercial banks, asset management companies, pension funds, hedge funds, insurance, reinsurance, energy institutions & companies, telecom industry, manufacturing entities etc.

Every business has its unique set of challenges that requires customized solutions and R-square RiskLab offers tailor made solutions to each and every business verticals. Some of our areas of focus include loss distribution fitting with various types of scenario generator modeling, correlation modeling, intra-risk correlation matrix, stress testing, and several other issues across businesses like insurance, reinsurance and manufacturing etc.

Whether customer’s operations are global, national or local, R-square RiskLab can help them to make better strategic decisions, provide international resources, access worldwide markets and negotiate optimum terms.

RsRL’s core thought leadership provides acclaimed clients or collaborators the clarity to achieve a “Beyond Best Practice” decision process for the entity or sovereign.

“Ships are but boordes, Saylers but men, there be land rats, and water rats, water theeues, and land theeues, I meane Pyrats, and then there is the perrill of waters, windes, and rockes.”

- William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, Act I, Scene 3

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