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previnvestAbout the Energy Charter Secretariat:

Based in Brussels, the Energy Charter Secretariat assist the Energy Charter Conference of 54 states in the implementation of the 1994 Energy Charter Treaty, the multilateral agreement promoting energy security through open and competitive energy markets.

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previnvestHeadquartered in Rome, Italy, PREVINVEST ® was founded in 2013. The company aims at helping investors in their decision-making process on portfolio allocation and achieving their personal goals by providing unparalleled expertise and insight to the investment community. PREVINVEST ® is really the story about three professionals joining forces and long-term experience—Aureliano Gentilini, Ferenc Sanderson, and Emilio Valentino. Aureliano Gentilini, who initially conceived the idea of an advisory business, was later joined by Ferenc Sanderson and Emilio Valentino who brought a variety of expertise and helped Aureliano to create PREVINVEST ®. The three together envisioned the launch of a variety of activities aimed at building trust between investors/advisers and fund management companies and fostering a culture of insight and in-depth analysis of the investment process. PREVINVEST ® combines over 70 years of collective hands-on buy-side research, asset management and bespoke consulting services with traditional quantitative analysis.

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