R-square Leadership

RsRL’s leadership presentation shall be of explicit interest to high level strategic architects like sovereign leaders.

RsRL is concerned about Systemic Risk, Sovereign Risk, Energy Risk, Financial Risk, Enterprise Risk & obviously Credit Risk !

  • R-square RiskLab has achieved a successful 1st World Risk Workshop 2012 in MUMBAI -INDIA.
  • R-square RiskLab’s Practitioners’ School of Finance & Energy 2013 in DUBAI -UAE.
  • R-square RiskLab’s World Risk Workshop 2015 is in October 2015 in LUXEMBOURG where RsRL CEL is planning to bring World Leaders and acclaimed Mathematicians, Economists & Policy Makers under one roof to brainstorm EU’s Sustainable Future Model (based on Sustainable Finance = Sustainable Energy). On Energy front one of the proposed themes shall be:  ‘Energy Security in Europe and the role of Gulf’

Featured speakers, panelists, presenters and participants are from following bodies

Panel Discussion - Chitro Majumdar, V Sharma, Prof Delbaen & Maurizio Piglia

  • Mathematicians
  • Economists & Central Bankers
  • Insurance, Banking & Supervision
  • Government & Regulatory Bodies
  • Energy & Renewable Energy Leaders

The agendas include


  • Formal discussions / presentations
  • Mini group strategy / discussion sessions
  • Informal high-level networking
  • Star gala dinner

The goal of the meetings are to


  • Stimulate new patterns of thought about evolution of systemic risks, regulatory risk and the global & Europe economy.
  • Identify new growth opportunities amidst uncertainty in the global economy & credit business.
  • Present possible new ideas and frameworks for intermediate and long term financial and strategic positioning.
  • Sovereign leaders’ profound experience must add a dimension to the dialogue dynamic that RsRL, and others, conclude is essential.

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